Dubuque, Iowa

​​​​​Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

Living Christ's Call To Love & Serve ALL!

Welcome to a place where you belong.

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church ・ 1755 Delhi St ・ Dubuque, IA 52001

     Phone:  (563) 582.3228
     Email:  holytrinluth@gmail.com

            On behalf of all members of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Welcome.  Here is a community of people who delight in worshiping and serving together by living out our mission, “Living Christ’s Call To Love and Serve All.”  When you come and worship with us you will see a welcoming community ready to love, serve, and accept everyone who walks through our doors.  All are welcome!

            Are you looking for a place to grow in your relationship with God?  A place to belong?  Looking for a community whom you can grow and serve alongside one another? 
Then I invite you to come and see all that Holy Trinity has to offer you, the community and the world.

            Here at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church we are focused on several ministries that go beyond our doors.  Through our various ministries of worship, music, youth and family, ministries of social justice, missionary support, and education we hope that you find a place where your spiritual gifts can continue to grow and shine.  As you know we live in a world that is hurting and is yearning to hear a word of hope.  That hope lies in Jesus Christ and we as a congregation are devoted to sharing that message with everyone.

            So I invite you to come and visit us.  Seven days a week this congregation is buzzing with activity from our preschool to worship opportunities.  Come join us and see the love of Christ proclaimed to you and the world.

                                                                                           Peace in Christ,

                                                                                                 Pastor Josh Martyn