Dubuque, Iowa

Ministry Minute

Have you ever wondered why we do something, have a certain tradition, and/or what it means? Me too! Because of this, every week in the worship bulletin Intern Paris has included a short 'Did You Know' article, called: the Ministry Minute.

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What is Lent?

What is Ash Wednesday all about?

Why are people giving Testimony for our mid-week Lenten worship?

What will mid-week worship be like? What is 'Prayer Around the Cross'?

Why is Confession and Forgiveness so important, especially during Lent?

What is Palm Sunday?

About Maundy Thursday: What is Passover?

About Maundy Thursday: What is a Seder?

Why do Christians celebrate Maundy Thursday instead of the festival of Passover?

About Maundy Thursday: Why do we wash people's feet!?

What is Good Friday?

What are some Easter traditions around the world?

Why did we bury the Alleluia for Lent?

Why do we participate in the CROP WALK and what IS the Crop Walk anyways?

What is Stewardship?

Why do we take an offering during worship?

What is a 'Children's Sabbath'?

What is a YAGM?

It's Reformation Sunday and the 500th anniversary!.. So what?

What is All Saints Day?

Worship vocabulary .. what are all of these weird words!?

Why is that one hanging candle always lit? 

How are the readings for the day chosen?

What is Advent?

Why remember our baptisms?

Why are there so many candles in worship and what is an acolyte?

What is the Epiphany of our Lord and what is the Baptism of our Lord?

What is Earth Day & what makes us Stewards of the Earth?

What is worship anyways?

What is Stephen Ministry?

What is Pentecost

Why do we get Confirmed/Affirm our Baptisms?

What is Trinity Sunday?

Why Prison Ministry?

What do we believe about the Bible?

Why do we say the Creed?

What is the ELCA National Youth Gathering?

What happened at the 2018 National Youth Gathering?